Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fruit of Their Labors: Trees

It has occurred to me that trees cannot see the majority of their fruit. To me more exact, they see very little of their fruit.

*There is a commons saying: Ye may know them by the fruit of their labors.*

I was having some honest one on one time with the spirit when I started going through my life's accomplishments. I don't have that many, to be perfectly honest. What have I achieved? What are my fruits?

Shoot. It wasn't looking good.

Before I could start figuratively hacking at my metaphorical trunk, a feeling of love and peace with a touch of humor came along. 
You don't know the effect your deeds have had. 

Still, my fruits were looking pretty mediocre. Maybe if you drowned it in sugar it would be decent (Read that you may). Like jam. 
As soon as that thought came to mind, another flashed in. 
You can't see all your fruit. 

How is that suppose to help? How am I suppose to see how I'm doing if I can't tell what I'm doing? 
The image of trees came to mind. The trunk bare and exposed at the base giving of sprees of foliage and fruit. The branches reach out, up, or a variety of the two! The fruit is up in the greenery. Every now and then, a lower branch will give a little something, within the frame of  origin. 

You can see what kind of tree you are. You can feel where your roots are.

If you don't like how your fruit is turning out, change the fertilizer. Maybe you need to anchor your roots further. Maybe you need more sunlight. Maybe you need a shower. Or perhaps you just need to process what is given you. 

Anyways, moral of the story is: You're doing better than you know. 

What kind of tree are you?

(PS I could go on about these trees, but I want to hear your thoughts first. What do you think? What else can you learn from this?)

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