Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dobra Dan! Saratov and a Quote

My hands have been full with studying for an anatomy test.
I apologize.

So, Saratov Approach. It's about two missionaries. Two starješine in Russia. (By the way, Russia looks incredibly a lot like Serbia.) I finally saw it. The music is incredible. I have the music and I love listening to it. It will transform any and every moment.
The story is great! It's not like these silly little mormon movies we have all over the place. It's meaningful. It can be shared with people of all or no faith. Although I never got kidnapped while in Serbia, the movie still captured some of the important essences. The companions trying to make the best of their situation together, the neighbors who you talk to from your balcony, putting your faith in the Lord and in those you are with, and having that faith propel you through the day. Also! My favorite element of the mission are the "never before" moments. The things that have never happened before and the things you decided never could or would happen.

Go see it. Please.


With that off my chest, I will share a recent spiritual thought. I ran into this sucker shortly after seeing the film. I was feeling down that I couldn't finish my mission because of some unknown illness that prevents me from walking up the stairs by myself, yet those two got to finish after getting kidnapped.
So these words hit especially hard. I might have cried.
"Please don't nag yourself with thoughts of failure...
Simply do what you can do in the best way you know how
and the Lord will accept your effort."
-Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley
I've heard the all the cute little sayings about how the devil will try to make you focus on the past and all that jazz. I guess there's just something about the Lord's Mouthpiece that cuts you to the very spot you need it to. I know the Lord speaks to His children through a living prophet. Although Pres. Hinckley is no longer alive, I know he was a true prophet of God.
I was pondering this quote in my mind. It dawned on me! It's all about repentance! Repentance means gaining a fresh perspective of yourself, God, others, and the world. In physics, it's the equal or opposite force acting on an object in motion. It redirects our course. This quote for me was my equal or greater force. Does this make sense?
I apologize. My thoughts often go faster than my hands and mouth, and I tend to make leaps (they're more like bridges, but bridges only I can see).
It doesn't matter what you have done. You repent and move on. What matters is what you can do. Which is the now. You can't change the past. Only make choices now. You move your motion in another direction. The Lord will help you know which direction to go. As long as you are doing good now, RIGHT NOW, then what you did in the past really doesn't matter.

As was said in Saratov Approach, "Light will overcome the darkness."

Questions? Concerns? Comments? I would love to hear them.

Your Ever Faithful Friend,


  1. Thanks for sharing! That quote is so great!! And I agree! That movie is a must see!

  2. Your thoughts on repentance are so true! Aubrey, I love you. You are not a failure. Look at what great good you are doing--and this is only possible because of your trails. God is so good to us. He knows exactly what we need to be most happy. You rock and thanks so much for your messages!!