Monday, September 16, 2013

Aug 12 - Week 11

First, I want to thank everyone for their stories, their advice, and their prayers. Each and every one of them mean a lot.
It's been a fun week! Last Pday we kicked around a soccer ball and later were joined by some little Romas and a pup. All excelled at soccer. Yes, even the puppy! Fun fact for you, the dogs are a lot more obedient than the people. I am not making this up or exaggerating! I'm a witness to these things! They dogs here stop at the red lights and cross when it turns green. They even use the cross walks and will stop at the median when the green man starts flashing! if you don't believe me, come to Novi Sad and see for yourself!

Friday we had zone conference in Beograd. President wasn't able to make it. Beograd has some beautiful buildings! The sisters from Osijek were able to come. That means I got to see Sis Frampton! She is doing wonderful and apparently has been doing some wondrous work over in Croatia! She was so excited to be in Serbia. We both agreed that we will be more than sympathetic to the missionary plight for the rest of our lives. I got to see where the American Embassy use to be. All the windows are boarded up and there's no flag.

Our branch is in Germany right now! People are going through the temple! I am so excited for them! I senior couple went along leaving one of the elders in charge. It's a sacrament meeting I don't thin I will ever forget. We had one member (an old man, Stravko), one investigator, and two visitors (a singer from brazil and a young man from a nearby mission area). Then the four of us. Stravko read a page of quotes for sacrament meeting. Oh! And guess what! I played the piano. :) I'm sure you can imagine how well that went, considering I don't actually play. It's the thought that counts, right? We'll be excited to have our branch back.
Thank you again for all your love and support!
Sestra Farnsworth

Pictures are of Centar (in Novi Sad) and Beograd.

Novi Sad Centar in it's nighttime glory

Random building show the beauty of Belgrade/Beograd

Random building showing the not so beauty of Beograd/Belgrade

I realize that right now you are either just getting to work or waking up or some joyful activity.  You are probably wondering what your darling angel daughter is doing right now. Well besides figuring out foreign keyboards, she is seeking your advice and help.
I want to start FHEs over here. I need some help with ideas. What are some activities we can do in relation to provident living?

Still working on converting the masses. I'm considering the Parley P Pratt soapbox approach. My companion isn't too wild about that.
Can you send me some little recipes? Some short and simple ones. Just email them to me.
The mail system here is a little strange. We only get mail once a month. Sorry about misspellings. I'm using a Serbian keyboard. Things move around a bit.
I love you oodles and oodles.


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