Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept 9 - Week 15

Well Howdy there!
It's funny how accustomed to the strange and weird you become on the mission. Now it's the normal-ness of home that feels weird. In some of my encounters I can tell it's just as strange for some of you. Haha You know those dreams you have when someone comes home form their mission for a day or two? Yeah... It's more strange in real life.
Never in my dreams did I ever think I would be a missionary on my school's campus. I feel so very sorry for the missionaries who serve here. They do not have it easy. I never thought my presence could bring people so much anxiety. I was walking to a dinner with my parents and a student saw me. She looked at her friends and not so quietly whispered "Look! It's a sister missionary! Run!" and thus they did. How can you not laugh? It's a good thing they're gaining an education. ;)
I have loved every moment with my family and I have loved surprising my friends. I've been learning a lot about the missionary efforts here and I am excited to learn and apply in my own way in whatever field I return to.
My blood tests came out clean, and it only took them 5 pokes, 3 nurses, and 2 separate buildings to get blood out (3 times in one hand and once in each arm). Now we just wait for results on tests and to find out what other tests will be needed. Fun fun!
One of the perks of this experience is the opportunity to study. I LOVE the scriptures! A popular philosophy from my MTC group is that if we representing Christ, wouldn't it be important to know about his life? So I've been delving into the teaching of Christ.
A great "ah-ha" moment that I want to share came from reading the book of John. By this point in the new testament, everything has been said at least 3 times. I guess it takes that many times to get some points across. The story of the loaves and fishies is no exception! Yet, it has taken all those times for me to gain a new understanding.
To explain it simply:?
loaves and fish = us (our talents, abilities, etc)
people = people (needs and demands, lost sheep, those in need, etc)
Christ = Christ

We may not have very much to begin with. Maybe you only have a couple loaves or a couple gifts. I can walk backwards, I have very recognizable laugh, and I have a good memory for people. With Christ's blessing and help we are able to reach and satisfy all that is needed with an abundance left over. In fact we are left with more than we started with! Ironically, Christ broke the bread. Sometimes we feel like we are being broken up when we are really being built up. Make sense?

So with that thought, Ä‘enja!
Sestra Farnsworth

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