Monday, September 16, 2013

Aug 5 - Week 10: First In-Feild P-Day

"How did I end up in this country, standing in the middle of a street with a broom." This thought has crossed my mind. Well I'll tell you. I went to the SLC airport, chowed down on some cafe rio (By the way, Did Dad tell that I actually could have talked to you longer?), called Mama, got on a plan and sailed off to Detroit. It was fun! I sat with Elder Bursell and Elder Epperson. We were travel buddies for a good portion of the time. We then boarded a flight to Paris. It was overnight and I was already suffering from Jet Lag. Who knew Jet Lag was more than just having a time zone change? I spent most of the time with my head on the tray. However, we ended up playing musical seats within our district. One poor lady started out with Sister Marks (brunette), the Sister Peterson (blonde), then woke up with me (redhead) next to her. She's American with French citizenship. She let me sit next to the window and I got to watch the sunrise over Paris from an airplane.
We got on a smaller plane and our district got broken up (seating wise). I sat next to a 20 yr. old girl from New York who hardly speaks Croatian. She was headed to visit family. We got picked up by the Rowes, went to the mission home (SUPER nice, by the by) and ate some lunch. Sis Rowe is a magnificent cook! We started cycling through showers and interviews. Pres Rowe is very nice. I think I'll keep him around. We then went to the mission office in Zagreb. The mission goal for that day was to keep everyone awake. Not an easy task. I fell asleep during a debriefing or two and was promptly woken up. It worked well! I haven't slept so well in a very very long time.
The next morning we got our assignments, went to the church, met our trainers and had a trainer/trainee meeting then went off to our respective places. I think it was a 3 to 4 hour drive to my assignment. My companion is Sis Erbe. she's from Oregon and this is her 2nd transfer. Yep. We got to our stan (apartment around 9 or 10, I think)
I was the second one to find out my assignment. When it was extended to me, he said that Elder Freeman had worked wonders over there, that the people view themselves as rather individual, and that there were many inactive members. It's funny how the people here practically whisper our teachers' names. 
That's how I ended up here. the only Sister companionship in Serbia, in a town called Novi Sad. I've spent the last few days just distributing flyers for English classes. I've gotten to know one member in particular, a Hungarian woman name Tajna. She's great. We're teaching a woman named Maja who is wonderful and a couple more people. We're always working on finding while I still try to figure out where I am. 
That's all the news I have for this week. I made it my first in-feild P-day. Thank you all for your prayers! They help!
Sestra Farnsworth 
My Birth City: Novi Sad

Me, Sis Erbe (Oregon), Tanja, Elder Adams (Arizona), Elder McAllister (Lehi, Utah)

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