Monday, September 16, 2013

Aug 19 - Week 12

Week 3 in the field! Third of the way through my first transfer! The members are finally making their way back from their temple trip. Some of them got back yesterday and some are getting back today. We missed them and we're all very excited to have them back. From what we can tell, they all absolutely loved going to Germany and getting to see the temple.
Elder Adams goes home tomorrow but all the elders went to Zagreb today. Things are getting really mixed up this week. All three of the new missionaries are going to be in my zone! Two of them will be in my district and one of them will be in Novi Sad! Sremska is the other town in my district and they are taking the elders out and putting sisters in. Yep! More sisters in Serbia! Now our district will have just the one companionship of elders.
We actually went to Sremska this week for district meeting. It's small but their church is cool. I'm excited for the sisters and for the town! Things are changing in the mission! But of course, the only constant is change.
Funny moment this week, we were in a taxi and the driver was talking to us (this doesn't happen very often) and he spoke English! We asked where he learned it and he told us from American movies. We asked which one is his favorite and he said The Fast and the Furious. He invited us to Beerfest in Beograd, so we invited him and his son to church.
Sorry, this week hasn't been too exciting. I'm sure this next week will more than make up for it. Any questions I can answer?
Work of salvation continues!
Sestra Farnsworth
Why yes, I do dry my own laundry. 

There's a pizzeria at the end of our street. This pizza is called Roma. That's an egg in the middle.

The sunset is for my mom. The rays peeking through remind me of her story about ˝I made this for you˝.

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