Monday, September 16, 2013

Aug 26 - Week 13

Joj! This week has had its moments.
After emails on Monday, we spent some time with one of our members. She's been wanting me to try something called Silver Water. She's been trying for a while. She finally hooked my arm and walked us over to a drug store to buy it. She then shoved us on a city bus (˝for this one˝ she would say, indicating me). Neither of us have been on the city bus and so unbeknown to us, we missed our stop. We kept waiting for the bus to turn around but it didn't. After going through a couple villages, it finally stopped. We were the only ones on the bus except for the bus driver and a woman who just got on. The bus just sat there. So naturally we made friends with them and the bus driver explained when we should have gotten off and what to remember next time. We had a beautiful view of the country side! The best part is that on the way back, one of our investigators came on and sat with us. This investigator is solid! She has been gone on a yoga retreat at some monastery so we haven't heard much from her. She had broken her phone and lost our number. She was hoping to get into contact with us somehow and WAH-LAH! There we were on the bus. We're pretty sure she's going to be a general relief society president. She understands the 2 Nephi Isaiah chapters in English! Joj!
Our new group is already poised and ready to turn the area upside down. The other Sisters are powerhouses! Big things are happening here. Temple 2020 as one of the zone leaders always says. It's going to happen!
This week has also really impressed on me the importance of always being a missionary. It's little things like reading your scriptures in public or not being ashamed of what you believe in that will open up the door to finding those who see for the truth but don't know where to find it. Member missionaries are SO important!
Believe in good things to come!
Sestra Aubrey Farnsworth
Gate made out of bike parts

"Place for kissing"

The Maughn's (humanitarian missionary couple) living room

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