Saturday, August 31, 2013

July 12 - Week 7

Sometimes I forget we are in the same place. It rained on my birthday and it was FULLY enjoyed. I got soaked. (But no dancing at the MTC) My companion and I spent our "companionship study" outside and ended up enjoying the rain with our soon to be departing Bulgarians. It was so much fun! Funny how something as simple as rain can manifest how God loves his children. I didn't realize that my cousin's outdoor wedding reception was taking place about a mile away in the same conditions. I'm glad to hear it still went well.
The rain wasn't my only birthday surprise. My district decorated the room and surprised me REAL good. They all threw balloons at me the moment I walked in. Also the second time I walked in. I also got a sympathy card from them. haha Nothing says "Happy birthday" than "We are sorry for your loss." I love my district. Even if they're all stinkers. This was one of the best birthday's ever! I will never forget it.
I guess I forgot to tell you last week. We had a little health drama. My companion passed out during gym. Twice! Of course, this happened while we were on an exchange, so I got back from a fun game outside to find out my companion was in the infirmary. I could barely recognize her. Her eyes and skin were red and she had a nasty rash all over her body (like when I had my allergic reaction to the Typhoid). She couldn't feel parts of her body. 3ish hours later she was fine. It wasn't until the next day we found out that it was probably her negative reaction to another Typhoid shot. Also, this week I was reinstated as senior companion. Weeee!
Sunday was fun! Sister Nally talked about Margaret Yates. They put her picture up on the screen and I was thinking "Hey, I know that picture." which turned into "Hey I know that name" and eventually "Hey! I know who that is!" When sister Nally said she married a Teamster named Philo Taylor Farnsworth. I could see the Pridays smiling at me and my whole zone was going "Hey.... I know that name." Tuesday's devotional was given by George Durrant and Susan Easton Black Durrant. They're fun! I liked them. I think I've heard Goerge Durrant speak before.
Exciting news! On Sunday, we found out that a FIFTH COUNTRY HAS BEEN ADDED TO OUR MISSION. We now have Montenegro (Also known as Black Mountains). It's in the Croatian/Serbian speaking mission too. We're pretty excited about it, even though nobody really knows about it, besides it's a pretty country.
I think you would like to know that we sang a Christmas song in class. I can't remember which one but we sang it in Croatian.
Another story of how prayers are answered! Sis Marks has been sick for about a week now. She lost her voice and keeps coughing. I started getting sick with the same thing a couple days ago. I prayed that I would not be sick and that my illness would be taken away. Sister Marks went to the doctor and found out that she can only wait for the illness to pass and that it may be a couple weeks or so. I only have a little cough left. My voice is mostly intact. ALL prayers are answered.
What else is new this week? I started on my new planner today. For those of you who don't know what that means, it means this is week 7 and I will be done with the MTC at week 9. Moooj jooook! I finished the Book of Mormon this week and am I already in 2 Nephi with my Croatian/English reading. A couple days ago I got to teach via skype. Sis Hendricks and I thought that meant we were going to teach a Croatian couple, but we ended up teaching an Australian couple Serbian. They'll being joining us in November. It was really fun! We were told we were going to "try something new" a couple minutes in advanced but didn't really know what. My companion hasn't really bothered with Serbian too much (she really doesn't need to. She's brilliant so she'll pick it up in a snap), but I have been doing a lot of my vocab in Serbian so I was able to help! We helped them with how to pray and bear their testimonies.
Could you please send me pictures of the family? I don't mean the family picture, just pictures of the family. Thank you!
Thank everyone so much for the AMAZING birthday! It was such a wonderful surprise! I loved the letters and the packages! I got so many goldfish. Haha I actually didn't get your surprise mochi package until the day after my birthday. I was jako sretan! I'm happy to finally have treats and snacks! Everyone kept asking me what I eat. Now they believe me. Their eyes have been opened to new venues of food! Thank you for mints too! Mints are great! Thank you for everything!!!!! I really cannot express my gratitude! It's better than anything I could have hoped for. :)
We've been having a hoot of fun and working our tails off. I still struggle with remembering the words and speaking the language. Yesterday, we had TRC and it was the first time I didn’t want to die. It helped that the volunteer was more nervous than I was. After we asked how we could improve. He wanted to hear more from me. I explained that my throat hurt and I was losing my voice. He thought I was afraid. HA! No fear here! I told him that (in Croatian) and he laughed pretty hard. I was even able to joke around and talk to one of my old teachers afterwards. I'm a little better at conversationalizing than I am at saying something "prepared". What does that say about me?
I love you so dearly. The phrase "Missionaries leave their families for a while so other may be with their families for eternity" is becoming more meaningful every day. We have something very special. I love my family! My real family, my MTC family, my family of friends! All my families! I'm excited to share the good news!
Love you!
Sestra Farnsworth
How is that testimony challenge coming?

Birthday packages!

My companion and I have the most fun. She made it possibly the best birthday ever.

The whole room was decorated and filled with balloons

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