Saturday, August 31, 2013

June 28 - Week 5

Wow! It's been an interesting week. We only taught one lesson, but we got a baptism out of it! Our other investigator has been gone (my teacher is in San Diego getting married, who does that?) and so we look forward to his return next week.
Sunday was the worldwide broadcast. we had two MTC wide sacrament meetings. Guess who spoke! The Pridays! I sat all the way in the back though, so we could hurry and get dinner in time for choir. Did you see me? I was wearing brown and orange. My companion was in bright purple. It's funny to walk through the halls and hear people watching the broadcast then cheering when you can see the top of their head or their neck or an ear. I was in Row nine seat 3. I didn't even recognize Elder Hales when he came in! But what an experience to be in the same room as 11 apostles. Before the broadcast started, we got to sit through the audio visual checks. Those are entertaining! You may remember some people in Hawaii? They were so funny. They didn't know how to mute their mic at first so were heard a lot of them when they were doing checks with the people in Peru and Washington DC. Elder Bednar smiled in my direction!
In spirit of the world wide broadcast, I would like to issue a challenge. Share your testimony at least 8 times before I get back. Share it with coworkers, friends, strangers, just share it! If you share your testimony the same number of times as your age or more, I will give you something from Croatia or the other countries. You are never too young to share your testimony. To my nephews and nieces I say "Get started now!"
Tuesday's devotional followed up with Janice Kapp Perry and husband. I was ecstatic when I found out! I wanted to run up to her and tell her how I love her music and how Polly has been such an influence in my life. I also wanted to let her know that I am going to be the next Polly. We all sang primary songs with her and at once point in the devotional she told us how she met her husband. he then proceeded to go up the podium and give her a great big kiss! The missionaries went nuts.
I've met Pres Rowe's niece. We taught her in TRC. She is so sweet! She will make a very good missionary! It made TRC so much better to have her around. At first I wanted to just lay on the floor and curl up in the corner, but she made me feel right at home. She gave me a hug at the end of the lesson and again when I was trying to leave TRC. I think she loves me too. Anyways, she gave me two really good hugs so I guess she's alright. ;) Then we taught a recent RM who we very possibly may see in Croatia. He's doing a study abroad.
when it comes to improvements in the language, I have discovered that I am very good at what I like to call "sports talk". It's like the missionary version of trash talking. for some reason it comes easier to me than teaching a lesson. There is always room for improvement.
our district has really grown! We got a visit from one of our old teachers (he was kidnapped by the new Croatians) and ended up having a very inspired 3 hour lesson with him. We talked about troubled spirits and doing what’s good, better and best, we talked about teaching others and envisioning them in white, and we talked about fleas in a jar. We talked a little about jumping out of the boat again and having a vision for ourselves of what kind of missionary we want to be by the end of the mission and even just by the end of the week. You can really tell he believes in us. They all really believe in us and love spending time with our district which is great. When they talk about missions they get really really excited and then their voices crack and we spend a couple minutes laughing.
Things have quieted down now that the Russians have left our floor and the Polskis have left. The Bulgs and Turks are expecting to get their travel plans soon. Has it really already been a month? Time is very strange here. The saying goes "Long days make for short weeks, and long weeks make for short months, and long months make for a short mission." It really goes by too fast here. I'm finally beginning to feel like I'm going to the Adriatic North someday.
Look what I can do! волим моја обител! немогу бити стретан беѕ моја обител. знам да чисмо зивјети све за увјек. You'll have to ask Sarah what it says. I use it in my lessons a lot. It's one of the first things I learned how to say. Now I can almost tell a story or explain a scripture. It's amazing the miracles that happen here. There is no other way everything that has happened in just month could happen outside these walls or without have the spirit and this calling.
I hope you find good health! I think about you a lot!
Two things I have learned here: Croatian and Serbian, The gospel is so true! I have been finding things that I don't know why it never clicked before. Read the scriptures! Develop a relationship with them. It is NOT possible to read the Book of Mormon and not feel edified or stronger or just better!
I love you all!
Sestra Farnsworth

I actually won't be celebrating my birthday. They don't really do that here. Although this week we all signed a "Congrats on your new arrival" card for one of the elders in my district

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