Saturday, August 31, 2013

July 19 - Week 8

We got travel plans! Actually, we found them. Well... So the elders got the travel plans at about 7:30 this morning and created a scavenger hunt for the sisters. Hilarious. We had to do push-ups and run all around campus just to get our travel plans. It was very entertaining. They got one of the slovaks to walk around with a mustache and carry our clues. I thought some of the sisters were going to kill him. One of the pictures is us doing push-ups while he talked to us in Slovak. We have less than 24 hours of travel. Sister Lacey Monson has about 3 days of travel. I'm pretty excited! I get to be on a plane for the first time since I was 7! My life will be a lot more quiet in 2 weeks. I don't even know which country I'll be in.

So I was teaching "Ervin" The law of chastity (which he read the pamphlet and he's married and he agrees so there wasn't much to teach) and he agreed to live it. I started a sentence "You're wife will...nishta" and left it there . I realized while I was talking that I had no idea how to say anything that I wanted to say. It was funny and awkward. This combination tends to happen a lot.
It's funny what you miss while you're here. I miss the dentist. I'll have you know that I do brush and floss every day. Everyone has gone crazy here. That quiet kid in the corner? It's all been a lie. He's actually an evil mastermind. Everyone is becoming paranoid and insane. You know that point of tired when everything is funny and you act all strange. It's like that here all the time. They practical jokes are starting come out. Each day gets better and better. I made a Lord of the Rings reference the other day. Everyone thought it was funny. My teacher almost fell out of his seat. We're all becoming weird! We saw a baby at the crosswalk and you would think it was Santa! All in all, I love it here and I will miss it.
 I have to let you know that I truly have THE BEST mother. I don't cry that often, even here. But about half the time that I have shed tears here have been of joy and gratitude for my wonderful mom. I have a mom who takes care of me no matter where I am. I am so inexpressively grateful! I have never been so happy or grateful that I have been moved to tears until now. Thank you so much for your dearelders and packages. Besides my district, that's what I will miss the most.
I love you all very much.
Love, Sestra Farnsworth

PS:  Regarding the attached pictures:  These elders walked in while I was studying in an empty classroom. I love these elders so gosh darn much!
My organized mess of a desk. It's actually one of the cleaner ones, believe it or not.  . Oh! And there's this one of us doing pushups to earn our next clue for the scavenger hunt. I'm actually friends with the Slovak. 

Always a dapper moment, never a dull moment

The MTCs' finest

Sestre and "stranger"

Our little district is off to save souls!

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