Saturday, August 31, 2013

June 21 - Week 4

Hi, Folks!

In other news, this week hasn't been too eventful, but it still had its adventures.
We received greenies on Wednesday and a few are from Lindon. We lost a couple of our teachers to them so I'm not too sure if I like them yet or not. Just kidding, if they're in the zone they must be fantastic! I haven't had too much time to meet them.
Monday my district went through media training. We're going to be in some paper in Idaho. The head of church public affairs and a few others came to our class on Tuesday. The training was actually a little intense, then when it actually came time the reporter asked the whole class about two questions. I'm sure the photographer got some nice pictures of my nostrils.
But wait! There's more! The most exciting part of Tuesday happened after devotional. During devotional I felt extremely uncomfortable. An elder in the bass section actually passed out and threw-up all over himself just before the closing hymn. I went to district review like a good sister and tried to take it easy. It came to be my turn to share a little so I shared an inspiring two sentences. Then everything took a nose-dive (not literally). After my companion was done talking we were going to go to the doctor. I was going to say "I'm not feeling good" but instead I said "I'm going to throw-up." I made it just outside of the door. That is how my night with food poisoning began. I was taken good care of and was able to receive a blessing from a couple of my friends. Have I told you I love my zone? Two of the sweetest Czech-bound elders came with Brother Melville. Elder Sheurf and Elder Olsen are going to be outstanding missionaries. Everyone was very surprised with how cheerful I am when I'm sick. The branch president's wife asked if I had medicine and she didn't even bat an eye when I said "No, but I have DoTerra." I guess her daughter is pretty high up there with DoTerra. The peppermint didn't stay down. I was the 12th missionary to report to the main office. I think the total count came to 40 missionaries. Now they're not sure if it was food poisoning or a virus. Whatever the reason, we are not allowed to shake hands or give hugs. Tuesday was exciting!
The best part is that when I came into the classroom for district review, there were TWO WHOLE LETTERS sitting on my desk. Sestra H was nice enough to bring them with us when we went back to the residence. When I showed up for our night class on Wednesday there was DearElder from my mom! They Lord sure does look after all of us, even in the small ways.
Besides that, it's just been studying the language and the gospel. There's a mission president's meeting, but I haven't seen any. They only reason why we know is because some parts of compass are closed for the week. One of my teachers is getting married tomorrow so we will be getting a new investigator. Our new teacher is Brat Bell. He is two months off his mission. The russians have moved in across from our classrooms. They'll only be here for four more days. They received 100 new Russian missionaries this Wednesday so they needed to make some room. Our languages are really very close.
We lose the Polski's on Monday. We found out last P-Day that they would be leaving a week and a half early. We'll be very sad to see them go.
I hope I see Brian! I don't really have it as a habit to carry my camera with me but I will try to make it so.
How was Father's Day? I'm glad to hear Summerfest was still fun! The Priday's have a life outside of MTC? That's so strange to hear. I'm excited to get pictures! Please send more than just posed pictures. I don't want to feel like I'm lying. ;) I would like to use the pictures in my lessons. Such as "This is my cousin. You can tell by his patriotic speedo that he is a law abiding citizen."
The computer lab we usually use in inaccessible this week, so you shall have to do without pictures from me.
That little fact about humor helping you learn a language, can I get the data behind that?
I love you! I hope everything is alright at home! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Sestra Farnsworth

I love you mom!
I love it here.
Kako si, Elder Bursell?

He always got the coolest things in his packages.

Elder Pajama Sam!

These are pictures of Elder Bursell. He is my district twin. He's the most optimistic guy I have ever met. He's from Parker Colorado. Just thought I'd send some pictures.

UPDATE: Why so many pictures of Elder Bursell? Because we decided to play a joke on my family and send home only pictures of him.

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