Saturday, August 31, 2013

June 5 - Week 1

Dobar Dan!

We made it to the first P-Day! I love it! I love wearing the name tag, learning the difficult language, I love the other missionaries and I love LOVE learning so much about the gospel and increasing my testimony.

We by far have THE BEST district, the BEST zone and probably the loudest zone too! We have in our zone the Pols, the Belgs, the Turks, and the Czechs. I am staying on main campus, however the west campus did receive its first missionaries this past Wednesday.

I haven’t met the Nallys yet. They talked to my group, but I don't think they quite know who I am yet. My Branch president is President Jones from Mapleton. He was Bishop Rymer and Bro Anderson's bishop! And his first counselor? Brother Melville, also known as Principal Melville! I recognized him as soon as he started talking.

In our district we have one elder going to the ASM. He's from Slovenia and went through the temple for the first time today! How exciting is that! We've already becoming really close! My companion and I get along extremely well. She is Sestra Hendricks from Virginia. We even do that weird thing sometimes when we say the same thing at the same time. And it's only day 2.5! I love it here.  We're suppose to meet our first investigator either today or tomorrow, and we are expected to teach in Hrvatski. Good thing Sestra Hendricks excels at the language. I'm the senior companion but that really doesn't mean much. We are always joking about how much we hate each other. We had a companionship inventory and one of the Training Sisters was listening in when during the meat of my "love sandwich " I said "Sestra, it would mean a lot to me if you stopped trying to kill me. It's hard to breathe when I wake up with you hugging my face with your pillow." the meat of her love sandwich was "It would be great if you stopped trying to burn down the cafeteria and blowing up our mission. Stay out of the woods." Our Training Sisters love us. haha Everyone in our district is in the perfect companionship. It's amazing! She also knows a lot of people here. She could be a Farnsworth.

It's been a fun two days. I wish I never had to leave this life. We study and work constantly from 5:50am (Sestra Marks has us all up and working out at 6. She's amazing and such a beast! Reminds me of Sarah) until the lights turn off at 10:30pm. If school was like this I would be ever so happy with it. The big difference is the spirit. I wouldn't describe it as overwhelming but you can see it constantly at work as you see people learn the language and young folks (cough cough 18 year old boys cough cough) testify and say things that no normal young adult would say. Especially not nearly so eloquently.

I hope everyone is good. I heard from Dad. I knew he would miss my noise. ;) I'm very grateful to be number 6 missionary and have been prepared as much as I was.

By the way, no one told me about the creme soda tree. I thought the Belgs were trying to pull a quick one.

I love you all! I am so grateful for every person and every friend and especially every hug! By the way, I saw Elder Nate Church. Hardest handshake to give ever. I almost ran up to him to give him a hug. HANDSHAKES ONLY! I also found out dancing isn’t aloud. You can imagine how well that's going.

I know this gospel is true. I know it so much I can't help but to want to shout it! haha Znam da Jesu Kristu nas spasitelja! Znam da porok Thomas S. Monson.

Oh. We all found out on the first day that we will be learning Serbian as well, including the alphabet. At the same time as Hrvastki. No one got the same visa papers either. We have all been having fun!

Everything is dobro! I'll talk to you next week!

Sestra Farnsworth

The picture is of all my roommates. Sister Hendricks is in purple. We're spread out amongst the threesome. There are six bunks, four closets, and four study areas. You can see someone has been using the bed above mine as their closet.

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