Saturday, August 31, 2013

June 7 - Week 2

Hello Mom!
Even though my companion is from Virginia she knows everyone here. I'm just randomly related to them. I have seen a couple of my HOBY boys, followed by exuberant handshakes.
This week we taught four lessons in Croatian. I got to teach specifically on the Atonement and the Law of Chastity. Woot!! Fun times! When we taught the restoration, we decided to sing with him about the first vision instead of tell him the story. It worked better than we thought it would! We got a baptismal commitment the second lesson and got him to commit to bringing his dad to church. My favorite lesson so far was the "member lesson". We asked one of our teachers to join us as a "member". It was fun! We've been working on "Jumping out of the boat". I love my teachers they're great!
For personal study time I read the stories about my ancestors. POWERFUL! I loved it. We had Tad Callister speak at the Tuesday Devotional. I sang in the choir. Good news! In like 3 weeks we will be singing in a worldwide broadcast for the prophet and all the apostles. We're getting our whole district to go!
Sister Hendricks and I are still getting along splendidly! Does anyone have any tips on learning a new language? (Anything from the alphabet, to grammar, to sentences, etc.)
It may surprise you to find that I am actually very quiet. It's very strange. It hasn't been too much of a problem. I still laugh. Which reminds me! About everything my brothers have said to me right before I left has come into play. Sam: "If you're not smiling, something is wrong." Followed by Joel's advice "Shut up! You're going to Hawaii!" (Which in my case translates to the Adriatic North Mission), Bryn's advice and a lot of what Peter said to me. Funny how those last words can have so much effect!
The church is true. Every day we "jump out of the boat" which means we take a leap of faith. Even though I can only limp my way through a prayer and give a haphazard testimony, I have been stretching myself. My companion and I look at each other all the time and say "Jump out of the boat." To which I sometimes respond "It's okay. I'm getting pushed out of the boat whether I like it or not."
I love it here! I love the experience, the growth, the ever growing spirit, the language, the purpose, and I just love everything!

I love you! Thank you for everything you have done!
Sestra Farnsworth

On the way back from the temple today I saw Sister Anderson (from my Provo singles ward)! It was indeed a joyous occasion!

My district studying in the hallway

This is what happens if you don't obey the exact obedience rule, namely quiet time in the residence.

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