Saturday, August 31, 2013

July 26 - Week 9: Final MTC P-Day

It's official. I have an industrial grade body. I have broken zippers and toenail clippers all just before leaving US soil. Thank goodness the seamstress ladies are nice and are fixing a couple skirts as we speak. I'm very excited for what next week will hold.
I forget to tell you a cool story last week. Last Sunday, Carole Mikita (of KSL  news reporting live from the MTC relief society) came and spoke. She has some strong ties to the Yugoslavia so we tried to go up and talk to her afterwards. We were only able to tell her where we were going, see her start to cry and try to talk to us, and then we got pushed away. But hey! We've been finding all kinds of ties to Yugoslavia. This week, we found out we don't have enough teachers (we only had two volunteers for TRC last night and we still had to share them with the other Croatian district) and so when the scheduled teacher was sick and couldn't make it, we were left teacherless.(We've been seeing a lot of Brat Jacobsen recently. Poor man does a lot for us. Maybe he loves us or something weird like that) The other Croat district's teacher came in a little bit every now and then just to chill with us and see that we were causing too much trouble. We found out that HE is the one the Pres Eyring talked about in the Priesthood session talk. When he role plays an  investigator it's always the one from that story, Valentino. 
This week we have learned the secrets to emotional eating in our mission, how many missionaries are in our mission (45-60) and what cities are open. There are 6 in Croatia, 3 in Slovenia, 3 in Bosnia, 3 in Serbia and 1 in Montenegro (THE BLACK MOUNTAIN). With Montenegro added, we barely have enough cities (for our languages) that all of us will be in different cities. We're all so very excited.
A couple little things I thought you would enjoy (Especially Katelin and Bryn) There is a senior elder here who looks like the head servant guy from Downton Abby. Even though he doesn't look like Bates I still keep thinking "There's not debates about it" when I see him. Yesterday, I also said "I look like a beached whale" about twice in my best Kathy Aller voice. No one laughed but me. I really am funny, they just haven't realized it yet. They'll get it in a week or two, I'm sure.
We've been doing a lot of practice contacting. I think I'm too happy for these role plays. "Sure! I'd love a Mormonove Knjige!" and the such. Although, yesterday during in-field orientation, they wanted us to practice talking about  The facilitator type person had me help him with a demonstration. The scene: airport. I told him I was from Ontario, and that I am an editor for a company and I work on their special projects. From this experience, I discovered I am a world class liar. I lost count of how many people came up to me and said "I'm from Canada" and I'd respond with "That's great!" or "My grandma is too! She's from Alberta." Even my own zone was fooled. Glad to know I have this hidden talent. haha
Finally, I would like to wrap up with a list of the things I might possibly maybe miss. I would put it to the music of "These are the little things I'll miss" from Polly, but.... no.
The majestic sight of what happens when you bring a bag of costco dried mangos around missionaries. It's straight out of Planet Earth.
Bro Ryan Egget, the choir conductor. FUNNY FUNNY man. He also has the coolest stories about songs.
The other missionaries. I'm going to be with just one missionary in a place that has no idea why we have a name tag or why we are doing whatever it is we are doing. I'll miss the people in my zone and my district. They are nothing short or entertaining.
The Czech Sestri. I've gone on many splits with them. They are the sweetest sisters! They'll change the Czech Republic.
Chairs with seats that flip up and roll around.
The 3M 1st floor bathroom concert series. Showers: bringing sisters into cleaner harmony
The Nallys and the Pridays. I didn't see much of them but what I did see of them was wonderful.
Dearelders. If you don't send them tonight, I will never get them. Our last mail time is tomorrow at about 2ish. I didn't get very many, but I'll be receiving a lot less in the field.

That's all for now. Next time in Croatia! Then who knows where after that.
Sister Farnsworth

Cooling down in style! Classy Elder Burssel!

Unity in the mission! Sis Jones is a Slovenian speaking sister. Notice the matching hair, tags, shirts, and belts?

It's a common practice to steal someone's camera and put pictures on it. This is one of those hidden gems.  Elder Sherf is in the Czech Republic and Elder Richards is one of 8 missionaries in Turkey.

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