Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oct 28 - Week 22

Instead of giving another oh so exciting update and what is happening (or lack thereof), I just want to share a few thoughts.
I haven't always loved hymns, but they have always been present in my life. I sung them every sunday and often during the week too. The longer I am on this earth, the frequency increases. You would think that the constant singing of the hymns would decrease their influence, but as I have embarked on this mission and have sung hymns at least twice a day, I have found that is not the case.
The more I sing and reflect upon hymns, the more I realize that the writers really know what they were talking about! These are not the cheesy EFY hymns about high school or the one-size-fits-most songs on the radio (apologizes to Taylor Swift and Katy Perry). These songs are as real and as personal as they come. They are creative lyrics with boot stompin' beats. They are SO simple, yet so powerful. 
Have you ever read the verses that are not normally sung? Have you ever read the scriptures attached to the hymn? 
Some of my favorite moments have been while pondering. I'll have some kind of question or piece of knowledge I am exploring and a primary song comes waltzing into my mind. A PRIMARY SONG! When was the last time you pondered the words of Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam
Maybe these people didn't know what they were doing or what they're talking about. But someone else did.

Yesterday I got the opportunity to be present while my oldest nephew was ordained a priest. Joj! This has come at a perfect time. I've been trying to learn more about the priesthood. So far, I feel the greatest importance in being a priesthood holder comes from priesthood service and responsibility. Priesthood power is something a little different, but not separate. Does that make sense? Perhaps a famous quote would apply? "With great power comes great responsibility." I'm very excited to see my nephews all grow up to be worthy priesthood holders. I hope they're all well versed in primary songs. ;) 

In the MTC, Sheri Dew challenged all the sisters to learn about the priesthood. She said it is just as important for us to know about it as it is for men. I'm starting to understand why. I honestly don't know that much. I can tell you it's like glue and how it was restored and why that's important. But, admittedly, I don't know much more than that. So if you are a sister or an elder-in-training (that should cover just about everyone), I am extending a commitment to you to learn all you can about the remarkable power of the priesthood. There's always more to be learned.

Have a safe Halloween!

Sestra Farnsworth

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