Tuesday, November 12, 2013

September 23 - Week 18

Previously on the Sestra Saga....
Tests and waiting. Nothing yet.

This Week on the Sestra Saga...
Tests and waiting. Nothing yet.

TRC was great! The MTC feels a lot like home! It was fun to see what are now considered old faces. haha I guess I did a good job because the coordinator signed me up for next week! Don't mind if I do!

This weeks tests were centered on my heart. How many of you can say you have both seen and heard your heart? I can! Next time someone tells me I don't have a soul, at least I can tell them I have a heart! We won't know the results of the tests until Wednesday. Yay! Ovo je zabovan! Good news is, if it's WPW (as some of you might be guessing) it can easily fixed. Did you know that heart problems are actually common among girls in their late teens and early twenties? 

Some of you know that my dad is a high counsel member. My brother who returned from his mission in February is normally his companion speaker, but he called Saturday night to let my dad know he wouldn't be home in  time to speak. So the lots fell on me to fill in. My dad came home Sunday morning and informed me that my talk better be amazing. He had just been assigned to the war we were speaking in. 
I don't know about amazing, but it was definitely miraculous. Those who knew me from before my mission would have thought it to be just another Aubrey talk. No, no papers flew off the podium this time, there were no Avatar or dinosaur references, just an honest to goodness, enthusiastic talk. Those who have seen me since I've returned would have noticed the miracle. 
I get tired and our of breath from using stairs, I often need help to walk, I can't get too excited (it's just not currently physically possible), and I don't like to talk. I was able to STAND and TALK for about 20 whole minutes as if nothing had ever gone wrong. As if I was still my excited little self. I didn't even pay for it afterwards. I know this is a miracle and not just myself getting better because I still became tuckered from dealing cards later that day. 
In the words of the popular hymn: I'll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand.

Stay tuned next week when...
Last time I tell anyone I need something to do. My stake president has given me some VERY exciting projects. 

Enjoy these flashback to the good old days in the MTC! I love my MTC district! Pictures also include my top notch teachers! Good times!

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