Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oct 7 - Week 20

Well Howdy!
No news yet on when I'll be headed back out. Heart monitor didn't turn up with anything significant and the blood tests showed that I don't have pneumonia (which I could have told you, but better to be sure, jel?). This week's test was a CAT scan. We're still waiting on results. Now, more than ever, we are hoping that something will come up. If not, my next appointment with the lung doctor will not be until Nov 1! Sweet mercy! So we're crossing our fingers and saying our prayers.
I love friends! I have amazing friends! Do you? I always feel so wonderful after hearing from one. Maybe that's why I get so excited for TRC! I use to absolutely dread TRC. The missionaries in the MTC right now are fantastic! The teachers are still as amazing as ever! And one of my district buddies was able to go this week. haha I don't know why I didn't like TRC before. I even got to touch a real Milka bar! My mom was this week's companion and I think she enjoyed it. She really enjoyed asking tough questions and talking with young and growing missionaries. I'm so excited for them! They're going to be such amazing missionaries!!! I hope the Adriatic North is prepared to be swept away!
 Earlier last week, i went to the family history center in Orem to work my super duper special project. Not very much has been done for the former Yugoslavia. I'm still trying to figure out where to start! There's so much to be done! But that's not even half of it! The stake president walked in with THREE ARMENIANS. Three Armenians from Moldova who speak Russian. They had just received their temple recommends and wanted to find family names. The night can be summed up to this.
"Do you read the Book of Mormon everyday?"
me: "Yes."
"In Serbian?"
"Do you read it in Russian?"
"Well you should."
They have a son who speaks English but I've still become apart of this wonderful genealogical adventure. The first question I was asked? "Where is your companion?" In Russian of course. I never ever ever imagined this to be a part of my mission. 
I got to accompany my cousin to her mission reunion this weekend. It made me SO homesick for my mission! Thank goodness for General Conference! Volim ga! This session had such a strong spirit with it! I just want to watch it over and over. If you didn't watch it, do so. Now. I don't care if you're mormon or not if you this it's all phooy. Watch it! Sad!

Mir i blagoslovi!
Sestra Farnsworth

I got to go to my first live session at the Manti City, Utah temple on Friday! In case you are wondering, the benches inside are NOT connected to the ground and can easily be knocked over.
Just a heads up for you.

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